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Research & Development | Aedas

As one of the world’s leading practices, Aedas invests in research and leads cross-disciplinary initiatives to develop design methods through computation and parametric tools that help quantify, visualise and manipulate spatial, environmental and financial factors of a design.

Aedas R&D Group focuses on three principle areas of research: Computational Design, Advanced Modelling, Sustainable Design. It leads internal as well as cross-disciplinary industry initiatives, offering thought leadership and driving innovation throughout the practice.

The group creates parametric models and simulations that invite creative input and provide the basis for coordination through interactive representations of a design. This way of working contributes to our understanding of occupancy patterns and perception, energy use of buildings and the lifecycle impact of early design decisions. The team’s involvement in all stages of structural, mechanical, spatial and quantitative coordination allows for inspired architectural solutions that meet implicit and explicit performance criteria.

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