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Aedas provides a working environment that fulfils aspiration, enhances knowledge and skills, and continuously builds a culture of excellence.

Aedas is an intelligent and professional organisation that embodies a passion for producing imaginative design and solutions. We maintain a strong practice-wide culture through our sustained dedication to research and development and our commitment to recruiting highly creative and innovative people.

We draw upon a global network of expertise, employing people from around the world and embracing the diverse influences and ideas throughout our multi-cultural organisation.

Aedas encourages a commitment to design excellence by  recognising talent and diligence. We are a practice that values and respects our people and the expertise they provide.

Aedas is a professional services organisation that recognises the skills and creativity of our employees.

We believe that high-achieving professionals are motivated by:
Autonomy, ambition, clear expectations, explicit career paths, fair reward and recognition, inclusive culture, minimum bureaucracy, leaders who are professionally credible, a sense of the big picture, stimulating challenging work.

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